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Diving and snorkeling:
Pedasi hosts some of the top scuba diving spots in Panama, including Isla Iguana National Park, a pristine white sand beach as well as a seagull and dolphins sanctuary.
For the leisure snorkeler, Achotines Bay provides 150 species of fish, and hosts the largest coral reef in the oriental mainland coast of the Americas.

Turtle and whales watching:
During the months of September to November, in neighboring Isla Ca?as thousands of female sea turtles come to nest. The young of the hawks bill, green, loggerhead, ridley and sometimes leather back turtles will hatch from the hundreds of laid eggs and led by their natural instincts will race back to the ocean.
During the months of June to August, you can watch hundreds of whales as they pass in front of Playa Venao on their annual migration.

World's only tuna aquarium:
Achotines Bay maintains 200 hectares of natural forest reserve and is home to the International Tuna Commission lab.
The Achotines Laboratory was established as part of the IATTC’s Tuna-Bill fish Program. It is one of the few research facilities in the world designed specifically for studies of the early life history of tropical tunas.
Tours in this fascinating facility, where you can see giant tunas feeding and reproducing, can be arranged.

Mangrove and organic farms:
In Isla Ca?as, you will discover 40 km of pristine protected mangroves.

Reforestation with native species:
Headed by the Smithsonian Institute and the Yale University School of Forestry, there is a privately funded reforestation project with native plant species where you will learn about the dozens of hardwood plants that are endemic to the region, and the scientific methods used to replant them.

Future highlights:
Marine world Coming to Panama – A marine park is going to be built on the Pacific side.
Swim with the Dolphins – A large swim with the dolphins project is underway; ads are already being placed in the local newspapers.

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