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A Green Eco-Friendly Community

Playa Venao has assembled a world class team of architects, designers, engineers, and consultants to build a unique, environmentally-friendly project.

The Playa Venao Vision
One may stroll the shoreline of Playa Venao and wonder what will it look
like in just a few years from now. Wonder no more.

We are planning with “green design” in mind - meaning - use nature, don't fight it.
Green design in action results in long term savings on energy cost: by planning the correct amount of natural
light for each room, using proper design and flowing with our surroundings, an economy of savings in heating, cooling, water and maintenance will be achieved.

Use of local materials rather than imported materials
The materials are intended to flow, function and mix with nature –
natural pavers on the roads mirror the natural terrain, flowing around a quaint Spanish - Moorish style village. The roads will compliment the local ecology through vegetation, color, texture and functionality.
Slow flowing water will be directed back to the underground water table, thus reducing erosion and ocean pollution, while contributing to the underground aquifer.

Use of local work force and economy
We intend to use as many local tradesmen as possible for the construction, maintenance and operation of the facilities. Not only are they skilled artisans, but by working with us they become personally invested in the project. Using local labor assists the local economy while committing the local community to become part of the project.

Keep the beach pristine
We will not use the ocean as our trash disposal!
Our plans include a treatment plant that will purify, store and re-use waste water. Rather than being returned to the ocean, the reclaimed water will be recycled in a secondary water system and reused to irrigate the plants and landscape in our village.

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