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Panama's business services, world-class beach resorts and lush mountains and forests have made Panama a popular tourist destination all around the world.

Always considered a beautiful tropical location, Panama now enjoys the distinction of being a top tourist destination,a premiere location for living during retirement and a desirable country for business.

1. Security & Political Stability:
Panama has the highest rating for tourist safety from Pinkerton Intelligence Services and a low crime rate in general. Panama is a
Democratic Republic. There is no political unrest. The presence of The Panama Canal ensures that the international community
will not allow Panama to become unstable politically.

2. Zero Property Taxes:
The Panamanian government is offering between 10 and 20 years of Property Tax exemptions for investors in new property.

3. Weather:
Panama has warm tropical weather with no hurricanes or extreme climate changes.

4. Very low monthly maintenance:
With building insurance premiums at a low since there are no Hurricanes and service labor being inexpensive, the monthly maintenance
fees even on large luxury condos are between $100 and $200 per month.

5. Low Cost of Living:
Services are at less than half of the rates in the USA. A full time live-in maid can be hired for $200 / month. Eating out and entertainment
is also at about half the cost of the USA. Medical expenses are less that one- quarter of the USA, and retired persons can get 50%
off that already low cost!

6. Investment Growth:
Panama is exactly where Costa Rica was ten years ago! With a much better infrastructure, Panama's economic performance is better
than most countries in Latin America. In fact, over the past 40 years, the country's inflation rate has averaged less than 2% per
year...that's simply unheard of south of the United States.

7. Ease of owning and financing Real Estate:
Any foreigner can own a property in Panama, under the same laws as if you were a Panamanian citizen. You can do it under your
personal name, or under an established corporation. For financing of the property, it is very similar to process used in the US. Since the
dollar is the national currency, you will get the same financing rates as you would in the States.

8. Ease of obtaining Visas for living in Panama:
There are several relatively easy ways to obtain a visa to live or retire in Panama.

9. Asset Protection & Off Shore Securities:
Panama privacy and banking laws are world class. Asset protection is a high priority in the Panamanian law. Special laws have been
formed to protect investor’s privacy and assets.

10. Ideal Climate for an active lifestyle:
Panama is a destination for those looking for challenging surf, jungle exploring and vast, natural terrain for hiking, bike riding and fishing
with warm tropical weather every day.

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